Our TTP track record is superior to all other track records for 3 reasons:

  1. Our trades are tracked in real time forward walk, not the unreliable Ninja back testing
  2. Our data is stratified by trade type, trade day, tgt 1 vs tgt 2 to permit detailed analyses
  3. Our bots are shut off well before 4 star news, US open, etc to avoid corrupt trade stats

We provided full trade TTP bot stats, trade by trade, compiled daily from real time, forward walk outcomes captured by Dean A Handley, PhD, MBA, JD. Bots have been monitored since Feb 2020 every day. Performance is provided for what we call the Outstanding Originals, comprising 4 bots that were set up Jan 2020, for which the bot settings have not been changed. We track data by linear regression, daily performance, and diurnal variation.

TTP Bot Performance

TTP Outstanding Originals run hands-free; can be programmed to avoid turbulent times (4 star news and US open) and targets and stops calculated and executed for each entry. They run every day from 6-10:30 am est, trading 3 contracts/trade with one contract off at target 1 and two contracts off at target 2.

All graphic and trade data for the four Outstanding Originals BOTs can be found here.

All graphic and trade data for the four Accelerated Growth BOTs can be found here.