Why Choose NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader platform as it is flexible and fully supported and in the area of futures trading, the trader can select different data feeds and view futures price change at as little as 1 second intervals. There’s something for every type of trader, and the platform is infinitely extendable. There are nearly 200 different indicators available for use.

Professional trading requires fast movement and adherence to a rule set. Software platforms articulate that vision, making them the right way for traders to operate. With the proper tools in place, traders no longer have to lose out to someone with faster order entry capabilities. 

For anyone who is trading actively and looking for professional-grade tools, NinjaTrader is a smart choice. The system is powerful enough to help people earn more profits using their preferred trading strategies. Trading doesn’t have to be stressful when you can rely on a platform built for the purpose.

How Does Targets Trading Pro Work With NinjaTrader?

Targets Trading Pro was originally designed to work with NinjaTrader 8 to provide fully automated futures trading. While originally developed to trade futures emini S&P, NASDAQ, gold and oil, TTP was expanded to include futures gas, natural gas, wheat, silver and bonds. Almost all professional traders use automatic trading simply because humans cannot keep up with bots for price tracking or order execution. This is particularly true with futures oil or futures NASDAQ, where price movements can be very volatile.   

Worse, many people overthink before they make a trade, which means they’re emotional and prone to hesitation or mistakes. It’s crucial to use logical methods and to achieve the highest levels of profit; it’s vital to use the system and the objectives that work. 

An automated system allows users to make real-time decisions about futures in a split second. Their choices are rule-based acts that execute trades according to the trader’s predetermined rules. This is particularly applicable to slow moving futures indices such as futures bonds, wheat and natural gas that require patience.

Pair NinjaTrader with Targets Trading Pro and say goodbye to manual trade decisions today! Daily videos are posted and can be viewed to see final algorithmic P/L for emini S&P, NASDAQ, gold, oil and Dow taken live in the trade room that day.

Why Choose Sierra Chart?

Sierra Chart offers a full selection of highly customizable features:

  • Charting
  • Trading
  • Studies and indicators
  • Drawing tools
  • Performance
  • Data

For the trading features, you can enter or view trades, set up limits and stop limits, or enter market-if-touched instructions. The trading services also include advanced strategies, such as trade futures and the creation of automated trading systems. You can set up your own analysis and trade configurations and rules for futures trading and other market activities.

Choose from more than 400 fully customizable studies and indicators for your technical analysis. You can also use studies and indicators from third parties. The drawing tools feature is also a key tool for new investors or people who want to up their game. The complete set of chart drawing tools includes price retracements and time projections. Our performance features include streaming market data processing and intra-day and historical data downloading. With Sierra Chart, you get data features including historical and real-time information from all stocks, exchanges and indices. There are also convenient importing features for data in Excel, .csv, text and ASCII formats.

How Does Targets Trading Pro Work With Sierra Charts?

Targets Trading Pro was specifically developed to work directly with Sierra Charts. It allows you to import all of your data into Sierra Charts and will trade all common indices such as emini S&P, NASDAQ, gold and oil, the program was expanded to include futures gas, natural gas, and bonds. The software accounts for every variable you can think of, including auto-filling the correct entries, establishing targets and trails for all of your trades and turning the data stream on and off based on your preferred trading hours. You can set it to all trades, short-term trades or long-term trades. Use it to correctly set up your stop points and targets. Use it on any time frame and with real-time or historical data. The compatibility of these tools includes easy setup. You can get started immediately with a historical analysis or initiation of new trades. 

Harness the power of automated trading today with Targets Trading Pro!