The Retail Traders Big Picture

There are nearly 2000 futures trading rooms (actually 1982) BUT the catch is 99.6% of them do not trade; they sell education, strategies, programs, etc. They are all vendor/no trader (details found at here) and will never have performance data or a track record.  Why so, so very few rooms that actually trade? It is really difficult to trade successfully – selling is far simpler and easier.

There nearly 4000 robot programs (actually 3988) that can be found listed in Striker Industries, Cannon Isystems, Futures Truth and Collective2 (details found here). These robots post performance data or track record but it is all back-tested, hypothetical trades – these robots did not actually trade in real time ever!

Target Trading Pro Advantages

This is the ONLY room that trades an algorithmic robot program and an order flow based strategy -Everyday – Everyday live- With real money – With real brokerage statements – In real time!

Come see what live cash trading really looks like!

The ONLY room that trades an algorithmic robot program every day:

Unlike all other sales “trading” rooms and those shoddy trading bots in a box in a warehouse, Targets Trading Pro bots are traded every day in both sim and live trading.
The ONLY room that trades an order flow strategy: And come and see on a trading DOM in real time and with real cash. 

Every day live:

Each day futures oil, futures emini S&P500, futures gold, futures NASDAQ, and futures DOW are traded, as well as futures silver, bonds and the 6E euro, as based on market conditions. You may hear about rooms or sites being live but virtually none of that is true except for this room!

These trades are shown in real time:

trade entries, targets and stops shown. Cumulative P/L on each index is shown after each trade – nothing is hidden!

Trades are taken in real time right in front of you!

And we have a lot of fun together as a bot trading community in our live trading room.

With real money:

TTP bots are trade live each day; trades can be seen, final P/L is displayed, track records are posted and tabulated and brokerage statements are available for each.
It’s a great place to take what you learn from our live trading, discussions of market conditions, news announcements, the VIX, price action and volume profile. All done in real world action. We discuss and explain every trade, its strategy and settings.

When trades are taken live or sim, you can see the account settings for each. For live trades brokerage statements are often posted but if not, can be requested.