Day trading software helps to analyze, decide on, and make a trade. Choosing the right platform will influence your success as a trader. If you are looking to earn a profit by buying and selling assets daily, you will need the best trading platform available, along with an introducing broker (IB), a futures commission merchant (FCM), and a data feed.

There are at least 40 trading platforms (such as NinjaTrader & Tradestation), more than 2,000 introducing brokers, and over 60 future commission merchants (FCM) operating in the industry.

The fundamental question, however, is such: do you utilize one of the 2000+ human trade rooms, one of the 4000+ robot programs, or a hybrid room that uses both human interaction and programs?

Our solution, Targets Trading Pro, is a hybrid room. First, we’ll take a look at the ideal qualities to look for in trading software. Then, we’ll explain how TTP delivers. 


What Makes a Good Day Trading Software?

One of the first qualities of trading software you should check is the fees and commissions. A good day trading software should have low fees and commissions. Day trading activities involve making large numbers of trades per month, so fees and commission prices are essential to day traders. 

Good trading platforms should be comprehensive, responsive, easy to use, and intuitive. They should also have research tools such as expert editorials, market analyses, and market movement news. 

Another feature of a good trading platform is mobile compatibility. Mobile trading platforms for smartphones are beneficial since they enable traders to work away from home and keep track of their charts 24/7. 


What Makes Targets Trading Pro Different

Targets Trading Pro is a fully automated trading robot program that can also be run in a manual budget. It is a hybrid room that helps to eliminate mistakes made by humans and increase accuracy. Targets Trading Pro does not account for human emotion, meaning that you will not incur losses due to an emotional, high stakes decision.

It also offers backtesting, which applies historical data to your current algorithms. Targets Trading Pro is unique from other platforms and facilitates diversification while maintaining discipline in a volatile market.


Values Provided by Targets Trading Pro for Users

Targets Trading Pro offers ideal trading solutions for its algorithmic features. We help traders make better trade decisions and reduce anxiety in identifying ideal targets. Target Trader Pro is easy to operate with precise entries or exits, and it also provides a Skype community of fellow traders. At the end of each day, you can expect a provided video of all trades taken.

Targets Trader Pro calculates and establishes targets and an auto-trail for each trade. It can be used on any future index or instrument and any number of contracts. It also turns on and off depending on your time frame and stops trading based on daily goals.

Targets Trader Pro is available for Ninja and Sierra Charts. It accounts for when to execute and will autofill the correct entry based on a multiple of current average true ranges (ATR). 


What Are the Fundamental Needs of Any Trader in Any Trade Environment?

Traders are often unsure about how many trades they should make in a day. The ideal number of trades you should make per day include several before 9:30AM and several after 9:30AM. Targets Trader Pro trades 15 times per day while most robotic programs trade 2-5 times per month. With this in mind, TTP is more profitable than most robotic programs that lose significant amounts of money. 

Targets Trader Pro also trades different indices each day routinely and has successfully applied to nearly half a dozen more indices. You can benefit from this broad-based applicability to multiple indices. 

Individual robot programs that are available for sale or lease can only be applied to one index. This universality of the program allows for the purchase of one program to trade over a dozen indices. Several traders in the chat room use the Targets Trading Pro robot to trade stocks, bonds, and forex. TTP can be applied to any index. 

Virtually all of the thousands of robot programs available to the trader are for lease only and not for sale. Targets Trader Pro robot is for sale at one price with no further payments. We offer a two-month membership with a one-week trial.

Many robot programs that call trades may demonstrate an entry that is too fast for the day trader to replicate. Our Targets Trader Pro robots give an alert signal before they enter a trade and allow the head trader to shadow trade or replicate the trade in real time. We offer daily trades and interactions to help you make informed choices. 


About Bob Amico, the Head Trader

Bob Amico is the founder and the head trader of Targets Trader Pro. He is always present in the room each day from 8AM to around noon. Bob explains the general format of the room each day to trial members. He goes more in depth to explain the setup of the robot trades and their targets. He routinely asks for questions and takes time to share both his knowledge and experience. Bob Amico is an expert and presents as a nearly invincible trader with discipline, courage, and patience. 

Targets Trader Pro offers transparency by trading every day. Trades are taken in real time right in front of you. Bob Amico is a community leader and offers the chance for traders to ask questions about TTP. He also offers shadow trading to help you learn & understand, complete with a community of fellow traders where you can ask questions.

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