What platforms / programs / indices / markets / timeframes / brokers does it work with?

The targets Trading Pro FULLY AUTOMATED robot is compatible with Ninja Trader 8 and Sierra Charts currently. The robot can be traded on any market, and on any timeframe from 1 minute to a daily time frame.

How does it work?

The robot is a sophisticated program, though user friendly, of a multi time frame analysis of moving averages.

How much work do I have to do to use this tool?

As long as you are familiar with your trade platform, not much. Most chart settings are supplied to new members!

How do I sign up for your emailing list?

Simple, just request it from the website. Email and ask to be placed on our mailing list.

Do you make trades for me?


What is included?

There are actually 3 memberships and each is based on the user’s needs. For specific details of each membership please email and we will share that!

How do I access the newest software version?

As a lifetime owner of the robot you will receive updates via Dropbox whenever we update or add to the robot. You will NEVER have an out of date product. Also, there is never a charge or fee for updates.

What are the hours for the trading room?

The trade room/educational room is open from 8am through 11:30am EST.


Can I schedule a demo?

Yes, we can schedule a demo as well as you may attend a 1 week webinar by signing up on the main website.


What is the pricing / Do you offer payment plans?

The robot is a single pay complete ownership priced in 2 models. They are both the same except 1 version is a two instrument usage only (for instance the NQ & ES) and is priced at $2,097.00 and the full robot which can be traded on ANY instrument is $3,197.00.

Are there recurring fees?


How much do you need to invest?

That is determined on how many contracts are traded as well as how many instruments you wish to trade simultaneously . You would need to consult with your broker to get a list of margin requirements for each instrument.

Can I sign up for a trial?

Of course! We strongly suggest that you do so you can see the power of the robot for 1 week. You may sign up on the website.

Will you issue a refund?

Unfortunately refunds are not issued. Once you have received the digital download you are in possession of protected IP and that can not be “returned.”


How do you sign in?

Once the robot has been downloaded to your machine you simply load your trade platform and it’s there!

How do you reset your password?

There is no password associated with the robot.

How do you sign in if I lost or did not receive my password?

Though there is no password associated with the robot there IS a password to the member area. In the event a password has been lost or misplaced you can contact our Director of Customer Support.:


Can you provide historical performance data?

Yes. The data will be based on the time frames and instruments I trade daily.

How do I access past webinars?

All past webinars are placed in both Vimeo and on YouTube. Please subscribe!

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